Back Care Course (6 weeks)

6 week course (29 Oct – 3 Dec 2019), Tuesdays, 8 – 9:15pm Vanessa Shribman is a certified Iyengar teacher with 30 years of experience. She is the Director of the Coast Yoga Centre in South Australia where she continues to teach. She now lives part of the week in Melbourne and is excited to have the opportunity to teach at Yarraville Yoga Centre. She suffered a serious back injury in 2000 resulting in surgery and from that experience has developed a special interest in how yoga can help to rehabilitate a person with back pain. She is also a holistic physiotherapist working in private practice in South Australia and Victoria. The course will include:
  • First aid poses to help with acute pain.
  • Gaining the confidence to move again
  • Individual poses to assist with many types and causes of back pain such as disc prolapse, facet joint inflammation, ankalosing spondilytis, spondilolythesis, osteoarthritis, poor posture.
  • Learn what not to do when you have back pain
  • Build core strength
  • Build strength in the muscles that support the spine
  • Build length in the muscles that put load on the spine such as short hamstrings and hip muscles
  • Learn skills to help with the fear and anxiety of back pain
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