Alan Goode Workshop Photo Gallery

Over the weekend 2-4 June we were once again privileged to experience a workshop series with visiting teacher, Alan Goode.

It is a real test of managing expectations, fears and desires when preparing for a series of classes with a senior teacher…..particularly one that there is a sense of familiarity with.
Alan Goode has been a regular guest to the Yarraville Yoga Centre, and has provided much material for the student and teacher body to take in over the years.

Alan has guided YYC in developing our school culture and curriculum, and taught both Madeline and Amy for their initial certification. He continues to support our teachers in professional development and acts as mentors Peter in the YYC teacher training program.

The weekend started with a restorative practice on Friday evening, and was a welcome opportunity to disengage with weeks’ end.

An Iyengar Yoga teacher brings them whole self to their teaching, their practice, as well as their life lessons. Alan’s time with recuperating from his own knee injuries, as well as those of his thousands of students, has resulted in a wealth of experience in the inclinations and vulnerabilities of this amazing part of the body.

We were guided through some common differences in knees, and how they can be a result of foot and ankle variation. The dexterity lacking in our toes gave us some homework.

The amazing function of our joints was further explored in the elbow, again illustrated by a great range of mobilities by some of participants. The awareness of what a joint can do, what its current capacity and constraints are provided a terrific framework for future explorations, and integration into movement of the shoulders and wrists. For Alan’s next visit, we wonder if more will be able to move their left and right inner elbow joints in opposite directions?!

Surya namaskar is a staple in Alan’s winter repertoire, and it was put to good use to warm up the body, while exploring the relationship between body, movement and breathe.

The great rope wall of YYC was used to mobilise the shoulders using some standard techniques, followed by some dynamic backbending which created some great opening in the upper chest and much needed vitality as we continued our practice. Progression into more backbends followed, with the asanas selected according to the needs and abilities of the practitioner.

Sunday afternoon was spent with teachers from around Melbourne and the training group at Yarraville. Alan brought his years of experience in training and his innovative approach to teaching exercises to the group for a thoroughly engaging and challenging session.

We look forward to further explorations over the next 20 years of our association with Alan.