New Student Information

New students

Enjoy the beneficial change in body and mind as you begin the practice of yoga. Regular yoga practice will result in improved flexibility and strength of your body, and help to soothe and quieten a busy mind, bringing a sense of relaxation and stress release.

If you are new to yoga our Introductory Classes are suitable for people of all ages and all levels of fitness. They are designed for people who have never done yoga, or for those who have done a little and want to refresh your practice.

In yoga class students are introduced to body postures called asana, with an emphasis on accuracy in alignment. This attention to detail is not merely physical, it promotes the healthy internal workings of the organic body, bringing awareness to our breath. And by paying attention to what we are doing with the body we educate the mind through conscious observation, mindfulness in action.

In each class there will be a sequence of asanas to stretch and loosen the body, to strengthen and challenge through more energetic poses, and to cool and quieten the nervous system through relaxation.