Alan Goode Workshop Weekend

June 2nd - 4th 2023

Join us for an exclusive weekend workshop with the renowned Alan Goode, one of Australia’s senior Iyengar Yoga teachers. As part of our 20-year birthday celebrations, we are thrilled to host Alan Goode, the Director of Yoga Mandir, who holds a Junior Advanced Level 2 teaching certificate. With nearly four decades of regular study at the prestigious RIMY Institute in Pune, India, alongside the Iyengar family, Alan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our event.

Alan’s yoga journey began in Sydney back in 1975, and by 1982, he had already started sharing his passion and teaching others. Being one of the pioneers, he participated in the inaugural teacher assessments in Australia in 1987. Throughout his career, Alan established successful schools in Sydney’s Newtown (1984-1996) and the Blue Mountains (1992-2004) before founding Yoga Mandir in Canberra in January 2005.

As an experienced instructor, Alan is well-versed in teaching Iyengar yoga to students of all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners. He also conducts remedial classes for those with injuries and medical conditions, providing specialized care. In addition to teaching, Alan is actively involved in training teachers, conducting workshops, and organizing professional support and development programs.

His dedication extends beyond the physical practice of yoga; he passionately explores the application of yoga in our daily lives. Through his insightful writing, Alan deciphers the profound themes of the yoga sutras, connecting them to our practical experiences. His ongoing research work and extensive resource library further support the growth and development of teachers in the field.

Alan’s contributions to Iyengar Yoga Australia and the international community are invaluable. He actively participates in teacher assessments and plays a key role in strategic planning activities.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to practice with Alan Goode, one of Australia’s most esteemed Iyengar Yoga teachers. Join us for an enriching weekend workshop that promises to deepen your understanding and enhance your yoga journey.

Friday 2nd:
6pm – 7:30pm Restorative

Saturday 3rd:
8am – 10:30am Asana
2:30pm – 4pm Pranayama

Sunday 4th:
8am – 11am Asana and Pranayama
12:30 – 3pm Teacher Training

Weekend Pass (excluding Teacher Training)
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Instructions for booking
You must both:

  • Buy the appropriate pass and
  • Book into each of the sessions you plan to attend.