Welcome to Term 2

Term 2, 2023 marks our 20th anniversary.  Twenty years since we brought Iyengar Yoga to Melbourne’s west.

Up until our renovation of Yarraville’s Olympia Reception Centre, Iyengar Yoga had been a largely inner north pursuit. We didn’t know if we could get the numbers to make it work here but history shows that there was a desire among Westies to have a well resourced yoga school. 

Over the two decades we estimate we have introduced more than 10000 people to Iyengar Yoga.  Most are not still with us but for many the knowledge gained will have endured and sparked a flame that can be rekindled throughout their lives when the time is right.

This term our philosophical focus will be Kriya Yoga – the yoga of action.

Kriya yoga is defined in the Yoga Sutras as a three-fold path. Tapas (self-discipline), svadhyaya (self-study), and Ishvara pranidhana (surrender to a higher power). Together, these three components help to purify the body and mind, cultivate self-awareness and spiritual understanding, and develop a deep sense of surrender and trust.

The promise of the Sutras is that through this practice, one can achieve optimal health and ultimately experience a sense of oneness with the universe and the divine.